As part of the Atlas family of themes, Academy has been built for small organizations that want a powerful, flexible website that they won't outgrow. It's chock full of features that make it easy to customize so that you can have a unique, professional web presence. Some of the features included are:

Virtually Unlimited Page Templates

A lot of themes provide you with a small handful of page templates that most organizations quickly outgrow. Academy lets you create virtually any page layout that you can come up with - right in the browser! No need to call a developer when you need a change.

Unlimited Font Choices

One of the best ways to make your website distinctive is the choice of font. Academy provides you with a truly unlimited ability to include any font. This powerful feature comes with over 1500 fonts ready to for you to use as well as the ability to add more fonts from providers like fonts.com and Font Squirrel.

Responsive Design for Mobile, Tablets and Desktops

The use of mobile and tablet devices is exploding. Academy uses the powerful responsive base theme Omega to make sure you're covered. Your website will look great no matter what device your visitors use to browse your site, increasing visitor engagement with your website.

Advanced Content Editor

Academy comes with an advanced WYSIWYG editor to make adding content a breeze. There are predefined styles to make sure your images and text are consistent throughout your site. Also included is a powerful image editor that is built right in!

Your Colors!

Unlike some other products, Academy doesn't give you a selection of color palettes to choose from. Instead you choose the exact colors you want for multiple page elements.

A Highly Configured Website

Academy makes things easy for you. Instead of spending hours trying to get your new website set up, all Atlas Drual sites like Academy come highly configured, letting you get down to business and start adding your content.

Don't like the defaults? You can easily create a unique website that your business won't outgrow, right from the theme settings.

Training Resources + Email Support

Ever buy a theme and left wondering what to do next? Friendly Machine provides an ever-growing library of training resources that teach you how to manage and support your website.

If you ever get stuck, help is only an email away. That's right, no annoying support forums!

Discounts on Future Theme Purchases

Buy one theme from Friendly Machine, get a 15% discount on all future theme purchases. No tricks or time limits. Just login, make your purchase and automatically save money!